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How does NLRA labor law protect my union-based employee rights?

Union members in New York could be unaware of exactly what their rights are in relation to dealing with employers. Being unionized is beneficial to workers in many industries as it provides them with bargaining power and certain protections under the law. There are certain rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) when dealing with employers and alternatives if these are violated. Knowing employee rights under the law is critical when seeking to maximize benefits and compensation.

Collective bargaining rights of federal employees upheld

Back in May, the President signed three executive orders that undermined the protections of unionized federal agency employees. So, can the President control or undermine the collective bargaining rights of federal employees? The executive orders were challenged in court, and in August, a federal judge ruled in favor of the employees.

Labor union for New York yellow bus workers authorizes strike

Certain jobs and workers are part of the New York City landscape. Every day, these workers and the vehicles and equipment they use are easily spotted. Yellow buses are an example of this. That could lead to an expectation that they will always be there and the idea that they do not face the issues that most workers do in getting improved employee benefits, being treated fairly and respected in their work. The truth is that all workers might be confronted with adversity as they negotiate the terms of employment, making a labor union critical to getting their maximum benefits and compensation. Having legal assistance with collective bargaining is imperative to their cause, no matter what kind of work they do.

How can a union protect you from workplace interrogation?

You’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business. Suddenly, your boss comes storming out of his office, fuming. The air in the room seems to stand still. He announces that there’s been a breach of confidence in the office, and he’s going to be questioning employees individually. One by one, he calls your coworkers into his office to take part in the investigation.

Noted university researchers vote to join labor union

New York unions are often associated with people who are working in blue collar industries and join forces to prevent their employers exploiting them. Hard hats, picket signs and demands for better wages and benefits are the perceptions that appear in the minds of many as the words "labor union" and "collective bargaining" are said. However, any group of workers who seek an improved situation on the job can think about union representation. Since union members are in a stronger position to negotiate than individuals are, it is imperative to have legal help throughout the process - especially when deciding whether to join a union or not.

Union members at office building strike over wages and benefits

In New York, workaday people are the city's lifeblood. They maintain, keep things running smoothly, and go about their jobs in an understated and professional way. These workers include cleaners for office buildings. For them, the jobs can be physically demanding and they are often underappreciated. For those who find themselves dealing with issues getting the wages they are owed and do not get the benefits they are entitled to, it is crucial that they remember their rights under labor law.

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