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Can flight attendants and crewmembers use FMLA?

New York is a transit hub and given the number of airports in the area, there are many airline employees who reside in the city. Those who are concerned about their employee benefits under the law should be aware that in certain circumstances, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) will have different rules for some workers. One is for airline employees who work as flight crew members and flight attendants. While FMLA gives unpaid time off for medical reasons and for specific family members, it is important for these airline employees to know how the variances in coverage based on their occupation affects them.

Improved employee benefits sought by graduate school workers

In New York City, unions are a key part of allowing all workers who are members get the maximum in wages and benefits. This is especially true for students who are also working at their university to make ends meet. It is easy for people to find themselves in situations where they might believe they are being taken advantage of. Even when they try to band together and join a union to improve labor relations, there can still be issues with their employer. It is in these circumstances that workers should seek legal assistance for their endeavors.

Do workers have the right to form a labor union?

Unions are beneficial to New York City workers in that they provide them with the opportunity to negotiate contracts and terms of employment as a group. However, many workers are completely unaware that they have the right to form a labor union and, because of that, will not be granted the many employee benefits that go along with unionizing. It is important to understand the basics of having a right to unionize and what activities are covered.

Help from a law firm experienced in labor law and risk mitigation

Workplace disagreements in New York can be troublesome for the business and its workers. These can emanate from a variety of sources, whether it is internal or external. Any amount of time that is spent in a labor law dispute, like having issues with unions and union members or dealing with the government, is time that could be spent running the business. While it is important to handle these matters as they come up, risk mitigation is beneficial to avoid any dispute before it arises.

Dispute over labor union sparks grad student walkout in New York

Unions can come in many different occupations. In some circumstances, it might sound a bit unusual for workers to try and unionize and exercise their rights to collective bargaining to maximize their compensation and benefits, but they have the right to do so. When there is a decision on the part of a workforce to try to move forward with forming a union, one of the most important factors in the creation of a union and effective negotiation is having skilled union representation with help from a qualified law firm.

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