Champions Of Labor For More Than 40 Years

Ensuring Union Political Campaign Compliance

The attorneys of Pitta LLP counsel and represent union clients and political campaigns to ensure compliance with all statutes that govern the political campaign process. With offices in New York City, we represent clients throughout New York and New Jersey.

To ensure political campaign compliance, our lawyers regularly assist in matters of finance, regulatory filings, audits and boards of elections. We handle record-keeping and accounting matters to make certain that expenses and receipts are all properly recorded.

The lawyers of Pitta LLP are committed champions for labor, and we are proud to advise and represent union clients in virtually every industry and profession.

Our Professional Affiliations

Our clients enjoy the advantages of our close affiliation with Bishop & Del Giorno LLC, a government relations/consulting firm that provides a variety of services, including government relations, lobbying, community relations, crisis management and consultation regarding election campaign finance.

Our unique professional relationships and affiliations support our mission to respond comprehensively to the needs of our clients with sound advice and cost-effective
representation with regard to political campaigns and related matters.

Contact Pitta LLP

The political campaign finance attorneys of Pitta LLP can be reached via email or by phone at 212-652-3890.