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Month: August 2019

Anti-union tweet prompts angry reaction

The founder of a New York-based pop culture and sports blog recently took to Twitter to threaten workers who are thinking about forming a union. In the Aug. 13 tweet, David Portnoy said that any workers who asked for advice about organizing would be fired on the spot....

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Unions oppose change in apprenticeship program

The Department of Labor has proposed some changes to apprenticeship rules as part of creating apprenticeship programs that are regulated by industry, but some New York labor unions are speaking out against the proposal. On Aug. 5, Rep. Anthony Brindisi and labor...

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How Americans feel about the country’s labor unions

For decades, unions have represented workers in some of America’s most iconic industries. From miners to steelworkers, teachers to manufacturing workers, and electricians to service employees, unions sought to serve the interests of their members.While their...

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The evolution of the labor movement

Some employees in New York may be members of labor unions, which work to protect employees and to keep wages and work conditions fair. Although labor unions are a common part of the employment landscape today, workers' rights to unionize were not recognized until the...

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