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What are unfair labor practices?

As an employee, it is important to be able to recognize when your employer is engaging in unfair labor practices. Being able to recognize these practices is the first step in taking action to stop them, but how can you know what an unfair practice is? When even major...

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Who should lead your union?

Union leaders are the people that directly negotiate contracts and secure employee standing with management. The ideal union leader works toward the best possible contracts and rights for you and your coworkers. Most labor unions use a democratic process to determine...

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Why is union self-policing important?

Business owners and corporate boards across the country do not like unions because unions equalize the power between workers and management. Management will take any opportunity available to undermine a union, including pouncing on any appearance of impropriety. What...

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5 ways collective bargaining helps union workers

A significant portion of a union’s power comes through collective bargaining. Used effectively, collective bargaining should help employees earn higher wages, receive decent benefits, and improve workplace safety. Workers are not the only ones who can benefit from a...

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