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Month: June 2020

What employees are exempt under the FLSA?

New York residents like you should know about the Fair Labor Standards Act. Also called the FLSA, this act governs certain aspects of your work. It helps protect worker's rights and safety. But some employees are exempt under the FLSA. Others are non-exempt. It is...

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NYPD budget cuts backed by local unions

When workers in New York get together in organized unions, the combined voices of individuals can carry more weight. The perspectives offered by individual workers often go unheard when major political events take place. The recent spread of protests around the nation...

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What is a workweek per the FLSA?

Employers in New York State know that they are bound by many regulations designed to protect workers. These regulations may also provide essential guidance and assistance to businesses, unions and other entities as well. Many guidelines and programs connect directly...

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