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Dispute between union members and governor takes to the airwaves

Negotiations between a New York union and an employer are not always smooth. In fact, they can sometimes get a little rough with rhetoric emanating from both sides. This can be viewed as a negotiating tactic to garner improved employee benefits via the collective bargaining process. One strategy that is used is to take to the airwaves with advertising to show how a union's position differs from the employer's position.

Hard times mean unions are more important

There can be little doubt that workers everywhere are struggling. This is a difficult time for labor, primarily because trade unions are under attack. We see it every day in the news, where court decisions and contracts put additional pressure on workers already buckling from the strain. But the future of unions is strong and more critical than ever.

Forced retirement shines light on EMT employee benefits

For many New York City workers, the main reason they take certain jobs is because of the benefits they get for doing them. This goes beyond financial compensation and includes vacation time, sick pay and health care benefits. When these workers become injured or ill, they have a right to expect the employer to uphold their part of the bargain. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as ancillary issues -- often financial -- can spark attempts on the part of the employer to circumnavigate paying these employee benefits. This is made worse when it is the city itself that is trying to avoid compensating employees and the injuries or illnesses that came about during tragic events.

A labor law firm can help with union elections and oversight

New York City unions are meant to protect the interests of its members and maximize what they get in terms of wages, benefits and more from their employer. Few consider the myriad issues that arise within the union and can cause problems for union members. When there are problems or concerns within the union, it is important to have a law firm that is experienced in representing the labor union and protecting the interests of the members.

U.S. Supreme Court decision affects public labor union fees

For unions in New York City and across the United States, it is important to keep a close eye on how changes to labor law and union requirements will affect them. Since there has been an ongoing debate about how public sector unions collect membership dues, a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court clarifies this issue and is expected to make things tougher for unions. According to the Court, unions can no longer collect union fees from workers who are not members. This was an important part of the unions' ability to afford collective bargaining.

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