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Correctional officer union members spar with governor

Law enforcement is an inherently dangerous job that many of its workers believe is underappreciated by their employer. This is especially true in New York City where those who work in this and similar types of jobs are consistently in dispute regarding labor relations with the city. When union members disagree over disciplinary procedures and how workers can lose their jobs, it can lead to an extended battle with contentious allegations on both sides. It is in these circumstances that it is essential to have legal assistance.

Wage and hour disputes roil caterers at local airports

When people are traveling in and around the New York City area, they will encounter many different workers who rely on the reality that New York is such an important destination point and transfer station. Although these workers often blend in with the scenery, they have disputes and goals in terms of employment compensation just like everyone else. While many disagreements about employee benefits center around issues such as time off and breaks, even more disagreements stem from wage and hour disputes. With that in mind, it is imperative to have legal assistance to settle these disputes and maximize employment benefits.

Am I eligible for Paid Family Leave if I cannot use FMLA?

As New York City has taken steps to provide more benefits to workers who would like to take time off for family matters, certain questions and issues will inevitably arise. Workers can now take time off for Paid Family Leave. This is in conjunction with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Workers who do not meet the threshold to get time off under FMLA can use Paid Family Leave in New York. However, it is vital to understand who is eligible.

Union members at New York TV station refuse to take pay cut

Labor relations in New York often result in disputes in prominent industries with people who are integral to the work and function behind the scenes. Collective bargaining for these essential workers can be complicated and will often come to the forefront in the public as their plight becomes known. For these workers, having a union is crucial to maximizing their income and benefits. Union members must make certain that they have a strong legal firm to represent them and that firm is experienced in all aspects of collective bargaining and labor relations.

Technical workers at news station consider joining labor union

For workers in certain industries who are seeking to improve their compensation and benefits, joining a labor union is a wise course of action. This is especially true in New York where it can be expensive to live and work. Some employers are against their employees either unionizing on their own or joining an established union. Because labor relations can be so complex, it is essential to have a law firm that is experienced with all areas of labor law to help prospective union members and established unions to take the right steps to improve their station.

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