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What Paid Family Leave benefits are available under labor law?

In New York, workers have certain rights under state labor law. Oftentimes, they are not granted these rights for the simple reason that they are unaware of them. In other instances, the employer might grant that the worker has the right to exercise certain rights, but subtly or overtly dissuades the worker from doing so with threats to job status. Workers should be cognizant of their rights and one of the relatively new laws gives Paid Family Leave benefits.

Developer and construction union members' dispute sparks protest

There are certain industries that are part of the New York City landscape in more ways than one. When thinking about the famous skyline, the bridges and other notable structures, it is unavoidable to think about those who built them - the construction workers. History has been littered with issues between the unionized members of the construction industry and developers and it is imperative that these workers remember the importance of having legal assistance with labor relations to protect its union members.

Demand is high, but low-income housing is difficult to develop

New York City has some of the most expensive real estate in the country. It is nearly impossible for a large segment of the population to afford even modest apartments. The need for low-income housing solutions is great; the CEO of one of the city's largest affordable housing developers estimates that the city needs at least 800,000 affordable units.

What constitutes unfair labor practices under labor law?

For New York union members and their representatives, the nuance of the law can be confusing and difficult as they seek to maximize their wages, benefits and other parts of a labor agreement. For example, there could be certain factors that are unknown under unfair labor law practices. The employer is not allowed to do certain things under labor law. Employees and their union should know about these violations in case they occur so they can take steps to hold the employer accountable.

Employees at MoMA protest as labor union negotiates

New York City workers have long fought for their employee benefits through collective bargaining and there often requires a certain amount of showmanship to ensure that their issues are known to the public. This is especially true in jobs where it is frequently forgotten that people are an integral part of maintaining operations. In situations where workers are employed at prominent locations and landmarks, it becomes even more vital to make their labor issues known. As with any case in which employee benefits are at the root of the negotiation, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in representing labor unions is one of the key factors.

Email campaign implores union members to quit their union

The basic function of New York labor unions is to provide protection to members in myriad ways. This will include shielding from capricious decisions on the part of management and ownership; proving adequate pay; adhering to safety protocols; providing medical benefits and more. Since unions came into existence, there have been attempts to tamp down on their power or to gut workers' legal rights under labor law. Union members must have legal representation to spot these tactics and to put a stop to it.

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