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Labor union for New York yellow bus workers authorizes strike

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2018 | Union Representation |

Certain jobs and workers are part of the New York City landscape. Every day, these workers and the vehicles and equipment they use are easily spotted. Yellow buses are an example of this. That could lead to an expectation that they will always be there and the idea that they do not face the issues that most workers do in getting improved employee benefits, being treated fairly and respected in their work. The truth is that all workers might be confronted with adversity as they negotiate the terms of employment, making a labor union critical to getting their maximum benefits and compensation. Having legal assistance with collective bargaining is imperative to their cause, no matter what kind of work they do.

Yellow bus employees have authorized a strike. The disagreement stems from the failure to come to an agreement on contracts for the workers. The authorization came about as the union continues its negotiation with the bus company. The president of the union stated the workers’ displeasure with how the negotiations are going and that the workers are ready to strike, if need be.

Executives for the bus company say that the vote does not necessarily mean that a strike is on the horizon. It is a tactic to improve the union’s negotiating position. The union says that the current case is comparable to when there was a strike in 2013, leaving students who used the yellow bus service with no way to get to and from school. Emergency contract extensions have kept the workers on the job as the contracts expired.

Contract negotiation can be a difficult process, and the authorization to strike is frequently used as a negotiating tactic to convince employers to get serious about improving their offer. Many times, it is not necessary to go through with the work stoppage. In some instances, however, workers must show how vital they are to the company by walking away. The tense negotiations between yellow bus workers and the bus company is evidence of how contract negotiations can grow complex. When there is a contract expiration and workers want better wages and employee benefits, it is key for the workers and the union to have legal advice on how to proceed. A law firm experienced in helping union members should be consulted for assistance.