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MLBPA prepares for collective bargaining with new director

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Union Representation |

When it is time to get to the bargaining table for a union’s collective bargaining negotiation, the case must be organized, the desires must be clear and the attempt to repair various problems must be addressed. Having legal assistance is one of the most important factors to attempt to reach a successful negotiation.

Although it is viewed as one of the strongest unions in the world, the Major League Baseball Players Association is being confronted with numerous challenges as it waits for its current collective bargaining agreement to expire at the end of 2021. With that, it has hired a new senior director of collective bargaining and legal as it gets ready for what is expected to be a contentious negotiation with the owners. The collective bargaining agreement, enforcing it and negotiating it will be the focus of the new hire. He will also assist the current executive director of the MLBPA.

The new negotiator has a history of working with other unions in the other major sports in the U.S. Most recently, he worked for the National Hockey League Players Association. While major-league players are accurately viewed as making a lot of money and having benefits most workers can only dream about, that does not mean their labor difficulties should not be compared to those of other people. For example, the owners are accused of using underhanded tactics to keep players’ salaries stagnant and are covering that by using new metrics. The players are seeking to stop certain strategies designed – by intent or circumstance – to reduce salaries.

Every worker deserves to be treated fairly while on the job or at the bargaining table. It is imperative to have the right people providing representation to the union. A law firm that understands collective bargaining can work with the union and its top-tier representatives to formulate a plan and maximize the benefits and protections accorded to union members. When a labor union needs legal help, getting the right information about the available options is crucial.