Champions Of Labor For More Than 40 Years

Collective Bargaining Negotiation Representation

The labor law attorneys of Pitta LLP negotiate collective bargaining agreements for public sector and private sector unions in New York and New Jersey. Our clients include local and international unions in virtually every industry and profession.

We have extensive knowledge of the various laws governing collective bargaining, including the Labor Relations Act, Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, and Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act (the Taylor Law).

Fighting On Behalf Of Union Members

For more than 40 years, the New York City labor lawyers of Pitta LLP have been fighting to protect the rights and benefits of union members. We understand the nuances of collective bargaining negotiations, and our many union clients turn to us to negotiate the best possible terms of employment, including matters of pay, hours, health care, leave, pensions, workplace health and safety policies, and the best ways to balance work life and family life.

Our attorneys also handle dispute resolution relating to collective bargaining agreements. We represent union clients in grievance arbitration proceedings, before the National Labor Relations Board and in unfair labor practice proceedings. At the state level, we represent unions before the Public Employees Relations Board, as well as entities covered by the New York State Employment Relations Act.

Standing Up For Labor Rights

We are fully aware that certain legislatures and governorships in the United States have made it their mission to attack collective bargaining rights, and we are at the forefront of the fight to ensure the strength and advancement of unions in the face of the opposition.

To achieve our mission and better serve our clients, our firm maintains a close affiliation with Bishop & Del Giorno LLC, a government relations/consulting firm that provides a variety of services related to lobbying and legislative representation.

While we represent specific unions, we think of our work as representing labor as a whole. Our attorneys have a deep connection to labor. Our attorneys believe in labor.

Contact Pitta LLP

The collective bargaining lawyers of Pitta LLP can be contacted via email or by phone at 212-652-3890.