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Employees at MoMA protest as labor union negotiates

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Employee Benefits |

New York City workers have long fought for their employee benefits through collective bargaining and there often requires a certain amount of showmanship to ensure that their issues are known to the public. This is especially true in jobs where it is frequently forgotten that people are an integral part of maintaining operations. In situations where workers are employed at prominent locations and landmarks, it becomes even more vital to make their labor issues known. As with any case in which employee benefits are at the root of the negotiation, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in representing labor unions is one of the key factors.

Workers at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan protested as their union prepared to negotiate its contract. In the lobby of MoMA, an estimated 100 workers went around the block to draw attention to their circumstances. Represented by the UAW Local 2110, the approximately 250 workers who are in the union have not had a contract since May. They are seeking fair wages and claim that the museum is refusing to give it to them. For its part, officials at the museum assert they are in the middle of negotiating with the union and hope to resolve the disagreement amicably.

With negotiations taking place for union members, it can grow contentious and complicated. The union itself can frequently get caught up in various issues and need legal help to get through them. That is when it is imperative to have a law firm that specializes in all areas of union activities from a collective bargaining agreement, wages, benefits, protecting employees, ensuring fairness and much more. The failure to have a solid legal grounding to maximize benefits is a mistake that many unions will make and the members suffer because of it.

In the case of the MoMA workers, they are trying to make certain that their plight is recognized by the public by staging demonstrations describing what they are facing. Since MoMA itself is such a significant part of the landscape of New York, their workers have the right to be treated fairly. Without a contract for three months, their union is negotiating with the museum. For those who are in a similar situation and need legal assistance with employee benefits and other labor-related issues, having a law firm that is skilled with union representation is critical.