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A labor law firm can help with union elections and oversight

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New York City unions are meant to protect the interests of its members and maximize what they get in terms of wages, benefits and more from their employer. Few consider the myriad issues that arise within the union and can cause problems for union members. When there are problems or concerns within the union, it is important to have a law firm that is experienced in representing the labor union and protecting the interests of the members.

Union officers are elected to represent the interests of the rank and file members. This process is sacrosanct and should be something that the union members can count on as a fair process. However, there are frequently internal struggles as to how the election will proceed. Also problematic is if there is an individual or governmental challenge to how a union goes about its business in this regard. A law firm that has skill and a history of counseling labor unions so the obligations under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMDRA) are met is essential to a fair process.

The governing of the union is not unlike any other government and it is vital that the process is fair and all voices are heard. Ethical practices should not be ignored, the constitution of the union and its bylaws are critical, and how meetings and conventions are conducted is a foundational aspect of a union functioning effectively. Notices regarding nomination procedures and elections should be reviewed by a lawyer. So too should the adherence to the LMDRA and the union rules.

When dealing with these issues, the labor union must consider them and have full and evenhanded advice before allowing the union heads to make agreements through collective bargaining on behalf of the members. A law firm that understands all areas of union representation can be of great assistance in these situations.