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Workplace disagreements in New York can be troublesome for the business and its workers. These can emanate from a variety of sources, whether it is internal or external. Any amount of time that is spent in a labor law dispute, like having issues with unions and union members or dealing with the government, is time that could be spent running the business. While it is important to handle these matters as they come up, risk mitigation is beneficial to avoid any dispute before it arises.

To prevent disputes from cannibalizing a business, it is imperative to have legal assistance that can see these problems on the horizon and take steps to prevent them. This can include many different areas of a business.

Risks at the workplace can lead to the government intervening and investigating. Even when there is no wrongdoing or lack of compliance, a government investigation can take time and have a negative impact on the business.

When considering a law firm for risk mitigation, it is critical to think about the scenarios in which it will be necessary. Financial documents must be examined and audited; accounting practices should be done so they adhere to the rules and regulations of the Department of Labor, as well as the Internal Revenue Service; polices — internally and externally — should be reviewed to make sure they are followed by workers and those in management positions; union leaders should be interviewed; practice investigations should be conducted, so there is full preparedness, if and when a real one comes about; and tactics to create and put into practice compliance programs is wise.

Unions should also think about a law firm that understands all areas of labor law if an investigation into discipline is needed. Experience in labor matters with employers and unions can make all the difference when thinking about risk mitigation. Having a legal firm that is skilled at compliance, regulatory risk, government investigations and all areas of labor law is the first step toward being fully prepared and protected.