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Risk Mitigation Services

In our risk mitigation practice, we counsel and partner with clients to develop strategies that are designed to anticipate and avoid workplace disputes before they occur, or before they lead to costly litigation.

With offices in New York City, our labor and employment law attorneys advise and represent union clients seeking risk mitigation services in New York and New Jersey.

Providing A Comprehensive Range Of Services

Our team of attorneys includes a former U.S. Department of Labor investigator with 34 years of experience in that role. We utilize this valuable experience to pinpoint potential risks that could lead to a government investigation or other problems.

Our risk mitigation services include:

  • Providing full financial document reviews and audits
  • Reviewing accounting practices to ensure compliance with IRS and Department of Labor rules and regulations
  • Reviewing existing internal policies to ensure that they are being followed and properly administered
  • Interviewing union officers
  • Conducting mock Department of Labor investigations
  • Developing and implementing effective compliance programs

We are regularly called upon by our union clients to conduct internal union investigations and advise them with regard to disciplinary matters.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Goals

Pitta LLP has advised and represented unions in New York City for more than 40 years. Our team of attorneys is uniquely positioned to develop and implement effective compliance programs that help profit and nonprofit organizations mitigate and manage regulatory risk, respond to government queries, prepare for government audits and investigations, resolve compliance issues and promote an ethical culture within the organization.

Our focused and disciplined approach delivers solutions that rightfully bolster our clients’ confidence that their operations are compliant with government laws and requirements.

Trust Pitta LLP

Pitta LLP‘s risk mitigation lawyers can be reached via email or by phone at 212-652-3890.