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Wage and hour disputes roil caterers at local airports

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Employee Benefits |

When people are traveling in and around the New York City area, they will encounter many different workers who rely on the reality that New York is such an important destination point and transfer station. Although these workers often blend in with the scenery, they have disputes and goals in terms of employment compensation just like everyone else. While many disagreements about employee benefits center around issues such as time off and breaks, even more disagreements stem from wage and hour disputes. With that in mind, it is imperative to have legal assistance to settle these disputes and maximize employment benefits.

Workers at airport caterers for the three major airports around the Metropolitan Area – JFK, LaGuardia and Newark – are seeking to get a raise. To achieve that end, they staged a rally at the Port Authority board meeting in Manhattan. Their union says that they want to have a minimum wage policy passed that would increase the minimum wage and help the situations of their employees.

At JFK and LaGuardia, these workers reportedly earn $13 per hour. At Newark, they get $9.75 per hour. People who work in multiple areas for caterers at the airport state that they are an integral part of the process for people to get back and forth and want to receive better treatment. The union had agreed to have their wages frozen post-September 11. That freeze extended to more than four years. Since the wages are limited, they say that many workers must work double shifts to earn enough to make ends meet.

Workers who are in jobs that are considered labor intensive or “low skilled” are often mistreated. They are forgotten when the time comes to grant them raises. Stagnant wages in a tough economy makes it difficult for people to survive. Unions can be vital to these workers getting as much as possible in wages and benefits. For those who are in a similar situation as the catering workers at the three local airports, it is wise to have legal assistance from a law firm that can help with negotiating wage increases and other issues.

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