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What is addressed in a collective bargaining agreement?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Union Representation |

A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) helps union workers negotiate with their employers. For instance, players in the NFL have a union, so they use a CBA. This helps to regulate the way that the NFL can interact with the players and establishes their rights.

These documents are also in use far outside of professional sports, as well. What types of consequential issues are often addressed in a CBA?

Earnings and compensation

A CBA may help to determine the compensation workers are going to receive. In some cases, it could establish a minimum salary, for instance, or set up a wage scale. It may set up a schedule for raises and pay increases. It could also be used to determine other types of compensation besides wages, such as stock options, healthcare benefits, an employer-sponsored pension plan, etc.

Working conditions

Naturally, workers are very concerned about the conditions they find themselves in every day, especially if they believe that these conditions are (or could be) dangerous. A CBA can help to establish baselines for working conditions. There are already state-level laws and regulations, but a CBA can go further. It can be used to give workers protections that the law does not automatically.

Permitted working hours

Another thing to consider is when workers are allowed to be on the job and when they are not. Do they get to work overtime? Can that overtime be mandatory, or do they always need to have the option to reject it? Are workers allowed to work on first, second and third shift, or should they only be working at specific times?

Setting everything up

A CBA can be very helpful for workers because it allows them to have more control over their position at a company or within an industry. It can also give them something of a safety net, and workers who are bargaining together tend to have more influence than workers who try to do this on their own. That said, it is quite important to set up a collective bargaining agreement properly and to carefully consider every detail. That’s why those who are involved in this process need to seek legal guidance before committing to any particular arrangement.