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Workers rally against Google for job cuts, low wages

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | New York Labor Law Blog |

After one of the biggest employee layoffs in Google’s history, 50+ of the company’s New York employees took to the streets to protest and express their anger over the company’s actions.

The protesters included members of the Alphabet Workers Union, a minority union. Google employees established this union in 2019 and is unusual in that it does not have collective bargaining rights.

Adding to this, California subcontractors working for Google also had lots to say about their experience at the company, including that they worked under substandard conditions and that Google paid them extremely low wages, with zero benefits.

The purpose for which Google hired these subcontractors was to review content to optimize the company’s AI algorithms and to search sensitive or offensive information on the company’s platforms.

Google made the decision to layoff 6% of its workforce after realizing that it had underestimated the adverse impact of inflation. Naturally, this had an impact on thousands of people.

In a review of business magazines, experts have advised employees looking for work to:

  • Ensure to take your job very seriously
  • Avoid becoming complacent, especially if you have been in the same position for a long time
  • Actively participate in the development of your career, both within the company and in whatever ways you can show and prove your skills

Your employer is not your family. Remember to remain visible, actively valuable and growing within your company. Participate in your career growth as well as the growth of the business you work in and have a genuine interest in being there.