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3 ways collective bargaining benefits union workers

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When it comes to unions, collective bargaining agreements (CBA) with employers are a key component of the relationship. The agreement is literally a contract between the employer and the employees, safeguarding interests to both that may not be guaranteed otherwise.

As a union member, the benefits CBAs provide are worth noting. Even if you are not part of a union you and your co-workers may be able to use your leverage to ensure a number of such benefits as:

A united voice among workers

It’s important for all workers that their employers listen to their concerns. When it comes to your wages, hours, benefits and vacation time, you want to know that your employer has your best interests in mind. That’s where a collective bargaining agreement comes in. The agreement lays out the foundation for all those things, creating a binding contract between you and your employer.

An increased level of cooperation between management and workers

You may not always enjoy going to work, and you may not always like your boss. But a collective bargaining agreement encourages cooperation between you and your employer, creating a stepping stone to a relationship in which both parties hold each other’s interests in mind. Your employer needs productivity, and you need stable wages and hours. An agreement will safeguard both interests.

The promise of future compromise

If you and your co-workers realize you didn’t like the deal that was struck, there’s no need to worry. Because collective bargaining agreements are contracts, they have an end date. This means that when the contract is up, both sides have an incentive to negotiate a new one.

CBAs benefit both sides

A collective bargaining agreement can be an important player in the relationship between you and your employer. Understanding the benefits of such an agreement can help you as a union worker navigate your relationship with your employer better.