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NewsGuild of New York welcomes 2 new publications to union

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Union Representation |

The majority of employees at the publications Pitchfork and Ars Technica have voted to authorize union membership and join the NewsGuild of New York. Condé Nast owns both publications, and a spokesperson from the media company said that management would evaluate the demands for union recognition.

Concerns that prompted editorial workers at the publications to unionize included job security, layoff procedures, and fair cost of living raises. They also want to pursue policies that would expand diversity in their workplaces. At Pitchfork, staff members expressed a desire to evaluate the pay received by their subcontracted colleagues who work for an outside staffing agency. The vote at Ars Technica marked the first time that an entirely remote staff chose to form a union.

The senior editor at Pitchfork said that unionization could open a path to sustainable employment for the staff. The features editor at Ars Technica expressed excitement to create a work environment focused on long-term goals. The NewsGuild of New York acts on behalf of almost 3,000 people employed by major news organizations like the New York Times, the Nation, PC Magazine, and Thomson Reuters.

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