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Production company subject of labor complaint

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Firm News |

Fans of the Amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” might be interested in learning that the production company behind the show, Picrow Streaming, is facing a labor complaint. The complaint was filed by IATSE Local 52 in New York over some allegedly unfair labor practices during the production of the show.

The series has been highly successful, garnering Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. However, IATSE Local 52 alleges that Picrow Streaming engaged in prohibited labor practices, including making coercive statements and changes to the conditions and terms of the employment of union workers because they engaged in union activities.

According to the discrimination charge, Picrow discriminated against union supporters and union stewards because they complained about the working hours and conditions while the series was in production over a six-month period. The National Labor Relations Board is currently investigating the charge. Amazon has denied the allegations, stating that it supports all of the workers and cast who work on the show.

The National Labor Relations Act governs the relationship between employers and unions. Employers are prohibited from discriminatory acts against workers for engaging in union activities. When an employer engages in practices that violate the NLRA, the union can file a discrimination charge with the NLRB. Unions that believe that employers have engaged in anti-union activities in violation of the NLRA might benefit from seeking advice from experienced labor law attorneys who can evaluate what has occurred and work to resolve the dispute on behalf of their clients. They might help them to gather evidence that they might need to bolster the charges that they file with the NLRB.

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