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Staff members at New Yorker magazine join labor union

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Union Representation |

It might come as a surprise to many that some New York workers are not part of a union or even considered “employees.” The circumstances of the terms of employment and employee classification can be important as that often dictates the employee benefits available to them. When there is a classification of workers that they deem unfair or compensation and benefits are not what they believe they should be, joining a labor union is one strategy to rectify these issues. Having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in union representation is an integral factor to unionizing.

Members of the editorial staff at the New Yorker magazine decided to form a union. According to their statement, the staff members assert that the lack of job security, no overtime pay, and an inconsistent method of compensation are the reasons for the decision. Numerous workers were not considered employees at the magazine. Instead, they were contractors who did not receive health coverage and other kinds of benefits despite having the same duties as those who were official employees.

An estimated 90 percent of their workers joined the union. The union represents workers for many of the larger media companies, including the Associated Press and New York Times. It is not yet known how management will react to the employees’ decision to join the labor union. However, its content was pro-union. Those who work full and part-time in various editorial capacities as well as those who take part in social media planning, producers and designers will be in the union.

As the way people work changes, it is increasingly complicated to determine how best to move forward in that different landscape. More and more, companies are trying to use contractors in lieu of paying regular employees and providing the benefits that are often part of the employment package. Unionizing is a method for all workers to get what they believe they deserve. Regardless of why employees want to join a union – whether it is for better pay, collective bargaining, benefits, because of disciplinary procedures or anything else – having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in helping with unions is crucial.