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Protecting union members from disputes inside the union

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Union Representation |

New York City workers who are part of a union will be under the impression that the needs of the members are paramount and will come before individual advancement and enrichment. The idea of a union is to ensure that its members maximize their income and benefits and the labor relations are kept fair for them. However, there are times when the union members might suspect misdeeds on the part of other union members or those who are at the upper echelon of the union. This is when it is imperative to have legal assistance to protect the members from internal problems.

There are many issues that can cause turmoil inside a union and have a negative effect on its members. For example, there might be financial dishonesty, kickbacks, fraud, corruption, or workplace harassment of a personal, professional and sexual nature. Some union members might be under the impression that they are at the mercy of the union and its management, but that is not the case. Without its members, there is no union.

The members are the ones who determine who is in charge and how issues with trustees and supervisory members should be handled. Any problem that arises and harms the individuals in the union could damage the union in its entirety. There are times when it is necessary to have legal help to sort the matter out. Unions must not only look out for its members, but must also comply with the laws of the state and the federal government.

For some unions that are just forming, it is important to have a statement of purpose, handbooks and policies right from the beginning. These unions must also be protected by an experienced legal firm. Legal assistance is invaluable to a union, regardless of the circumstances. Contacting a firm that is knowledgeable about unions and labor law can help avoid issues and settle them if they arise.