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Lawsuit filed by New York EMS for disparity in employee benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Employee Benefits |

In New York City, the emergency responders are a crucial part of the city’s landscape. This includes the fire department, law enforcement and emergency medical service. While each of their entities has a labor union to protect them, there is a perceived disparity in how they are protected with employee benefits as well as other issues. If there is a belief that other departments are receiving better employee benefits, there is the right to seek information regarding that and to request that the same benefits be accorded to all departments.

A lawsuit was filed to receive documents for EMS workers to have improved pay. Two locals have filed the case against the city and the department to get information as to how various agencies are paid so there can be a gauge on the income and benefits of its own members. In the filing, they want to know about wages, rank, gender, race and disciplinary history.

According to the lawsuit, the EMS workers are not getting pay that is commensurate with the other departments. They also say that they are disciplined more often. The goal of receiving the information is to show the disparity. In the filing, they want information about FDNY, Department of Sanitation, Department of Correction, Department of Building Inspectors and the NYPD.

Since EMS workers are often in danger themselves and are subject to the city disciplinary, pay and benefits procedures, their union leaders would like to ensure that they are being treated fairly. To garner the necessary information, they have filed a lawsuit. People in any union who are concerned about their benefits should be aware of their option to take a similar tack. A law firm that is experienced in helping union members can assist in a legal filing toward that end or in any other labor matter.

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