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Legal assistance with summary plan descriptions and labor law

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Employee Benefits |

Ensuring employee benefits is a substantially important part of what a labor union does. For New Yorkers who have concerns about various factors related to their benefits as an employee, a legal firm that is experienced with issues such as a summary plan description (SPD) and other matters is imperative. SPD has an influence on ERISA, health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, pensions and more. A legal professional is vital to formulate and oversee these plans and the SPD is key toward that end.

SPD is how the plan rights and responsibilities are communicated to its members. With ERISA, there are certain requirements for SPD. With the SPD, there will be a great deal of information for compliance to be assured. It must also be easy to comprehend to those who are participating. It will provide a summary of the provisions within the document. A plan sponsor might alter the provisions. There might be an amendment that alters the information that must be in the SPD. If that is the case, ERISA requires that there be a summary of material modification (SMM) given to participants.

These issues might sound complex and it is important that the legal wording does not confuse the workers. The SMM and SPD are used in insurance, pension and retirement plans. In other words, these are of vast importance to the labor union and its members who participate in the plans. Having legal protections is crucial and that includes a legal firm that is experienced in SPD, SMM and more.

Whether there is employment litigation, concerns about employee benefits, problems with ERISA compliance or a need to understand SPD and SMM, having a law firm that can help with all employment matters is essential. Union members should know that they are being protected and hiring a law firm with extensive experience in labor law is the first step.