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Turning a grievance into a win

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Unions fight for the rights of members. These rights are spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement. When these rights are trampled or ignored, a grievance must be filed.

That’s where Law goes to work. Our attorneys represent unions in cases involving disciplinary measures, improper demotions, wage and hour disputes, poor working conditions, denial of benefits and unfair treatment.

We understand your industry 

We represent unions and union members in arbitration, lawsuits and administrative hearings in both the public and private sectors, in government, healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing, food sales and service, sports and entertainment, construction, utilities and police and fire departments.

We represent your members in cases before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New York State’s Division of Human Rights and the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

We also plead cases in federal and state courts throughout New York and New Jersey. We represent union members in cases against unions themselves before the National Labor Relations Board.

Righting violated contracts

Our firm has been a leader in protecting unions and union members against mistreatment and broken collective bargaining agreements. Clients know they are getting the experience and insight necessary to bring their case to a satisfactory conclusion.