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What are wage and hour rights protected by labor laws?

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Upon starting a job, there are certain aspects and rights that remain crucial and necessary. While some of these benefits are added perks for the job, others are specific benefits that are afforded to employees because of employee rights and labor laws. Arguably, the two most important benefits that employees are concerned about are wage and hour rights. These rights focus on the wages and fair pay of employees, and for some workers, joining a union is the best way for employees inn New York and elsewhere to ensure that these rights are continually met and protected.

What are wage and employment rights protected by labor laws? Both federal and state laws outline and detail regulations concerning the minimum wage each worker is entitled to receive. These laws also identify when and if a worker is entitled to overtime pay. While these laws detail when and how much an employee should be paid, some employers fail to comply with these legal requirements. This often results in disputes and actions concerning the damages caused by these violations.

A employee is entitled to take action when they are not paid the correct minimum wage, they were paid a lower training wage or a youth minimum wage instead of what they should have been paid, overtime was not paid, not being paid for working off the clock, deducting too much for tips and deducting wages that are paid in goods.

Because wage and hour laws are designed to protect employees and ensure employers treat them with fairness when it comes to compensating them for the work they have done, it is important to understand how these rights are continually protected. Those involved in a union could take these issues further, even resulting in a collective bargaining or even a strike.

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