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Vincent F. Pitta honored by the New York Board of Rabbis

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Being recognized for your accomplishments and contributions is a very honorable experience. Such an occasion occurred recently, recognizing Vincent F. , who is the founding and managing partner of , LLP. This law firm is recognized for providing legal advocacy for labor union members in the state of New York. And for his notable work and contributions to society and the legal community, Vincent F. was honored at the New York Board of Rabbis.

The New York Board of Rabbis has been a notable organization for 136 years, shaping the future of the Jewish life in the state of New York, educating rabbis and responding to the ongoing and changing needs of the Jewish community across the state. To date, the New York board of Rabbis is the largest rabbinic inter-denominational body across the globe.

Because the New York Board of Rabbis has shared he mission to build a stronger society through advocacy, this organization in partnership with the Mariano Rivera Foundation seek to recognize members in the community who embody our vision and mission. With over 38 years of experience, Vincent F. has focused on labor and management relations in both the public and private sectors. He has represented clients in a wide range of industries, including hotels, restaurants, construction, sports, entertainment, real estate, facilities management, healthcare, securities, trucking, moving and storage, sanitation, law enforcement, airline parts manufacturing, fire safety, mass transportation and education.

The focus of the law firm is to provide advice related to litigation services in labor, employment law issues, employment benefits and other labor law issues. As the founding manager, Vincent F. has provided advice, counsel and related services to guide those in both the private and public sectors to a resolution. In addition to managing his firm, is a pro-bono counsel to several charitable, civic and professional organizations. He is a Life Patron Fellow of the American bar Foundation. Furthermore, he serves on the Boards of Trustees of Samaritan Daytop Village, Inc., the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. and the Peggy Browning Foundation.

As a recognized labor law attorney in the state of New York, Vincent F. and the attorneys at his law firm are prepared to assist those dealing with labor law issues. Taking the step to better understanding these legal issues could help with the resolution of these often challenging and complex problems.

Source: “The New York Board of Rabbis honored Vincent F. , Founding and Managing Partner, Pitta LLP, at the Humanitarian Awards Dinner on June 19, 2017