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Why unions are important for New York workers

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Union Representation |

There is power in numbers. This is one significant reason why labor unions in the U.S. and New York specifically have benefited and will continue to benefit the labor force. As labor law attorneys, we have represented unions in their efforts to protect their rights and the overall dignity of hardworking members of the workforce. 

The power of unions throughout history shows the importance of their existence, including now, during a transition of power that has many in the country unsure of their futures. Let’s go over some of the history and importance of labor unions, if anything, as a reminder that U.S. workers do have power when exercised effectively.

As Union Plus puts it, labor unions are meant to be a force to bring social justice to the workforce. This can be justice in terms of pay, hours, gender matters, working conditions and so much more. There is not just one labor union; rather, there are more than 60 diverse unions in the country representing various types of work forces. Most of us probably think of teachers, nurses, and firefighters when discussing unions, but there are many more labor unions out there that you might be able to join if you are not already a member.

Are you a member of a labor union in New York? If so, then you probably know about the benefits of your membership. When the benefits of being in a union are not provided as they should be, a union needs to rely on the aggressive representation of a NYC labor law attorney. The attorneys of Pitta LLP have decades of experience fighting for the rights of workers and labor unions. 

Are you and/or members of your labor union frustrated about certain employment law violations? Maybe you have wage and hour concerns or fear for your safety due to unsafe working conditions. As workers you have rights worth protecting. As a union, you as a group are a powerful tool. Let a labor law and employment attorney boost your power by providing the guidance you need to defend your interests.