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Collective Bargaining and Litigation Services for Unions

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The labor law attorneys of Pitta LLP are proud to represent unions in New York and New Jersey. Local and international unions in virtually every industry and profession rely on our firm for comprehensive labor and employment law services.

We have been fighting to protect the rights and benefits of union members for more than 40 years, and a major part of our practice is handling collective bargaining negotiations.

We understand the nuances of collective bargaining.

Collective bargaining is governed by multiple laws, including the Labor Relations Act, Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act (the Taylor Law) and Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the law and our commitment to preserving the institution of labor as a whole, we negotiate on behalf of our union clients for the best possible terms of employment, including matters of pay, pensions, hours, health care, leave, workplace safety policies and effective ways of balancing life at work and life at home.

We know what is at stake.

Our union clients understand that there are governorships and legislatures in the United States with the express goal of attacking and destroying collective bargaining rights. Our firm is committed to fighting back on behalf of unions to ensure their enduring strength and to bolster their advancement.

To achieve our mission, we maintain a close affiliation with Bishop & Del Giorno LLC, a consulting and government relations firm that provides multiple services related to lobbying and legislative representation.

For more on our mission and legal services, please see Pitta LLP‘s overview of labor and employment law.