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Understanding wage and hour disputes

Employees in New York and elsewhere are afforded certain rights and benefits. This not only makes the work experience more enjoyable and safe for these employees but also guarantees that they are treated fairly in the work environment. Arguably, the most important protections are wage and hour protections.

Both federal and state laws have evolved to guarantee that employees are compensated fairly and their employee rights are protected in the process. With regards to wages, federal and state laws outline that every worker is entitled to receive the minimum wage. These laws also detail that workers are entitled to receive overtime pay for working beyond their scheduled hours.

Helping unions handle labor law issues

Unions in New York and elsewhere face many day-to-day issues related to the welfare of their members. Whether it's in the public or private sector, unions have to make major decisions to address the needs of their rank and file.

In order to meet the constant and growing needs in the work environment, it is important that unions understand how to navigate labor law issues. This means taking measures that protect them and their members. At Pitta, LLP, our skilled attorneys have more than 40 years of experience helping New York labor unions navigate labor law issues.

Why unions are important for New York workers

There is power in numbers. This is one significant reason why labor unions in the U.S. and New York specifically have benefited and will continue to benefit the labor force. As labor law attorneys, we have represented unions in their efforts to protect their rights and the overall dignity of hardworking members of the workforce. 

The power of unions throughout history shows the importance of their existence, including now, during a transition of power that has many in the country unsure of their futures. Let's go over some of the history and importance of labor unions, if anything, as a reminder that U.S. workers do have power when exercised effectively.

Work with experienced legal counsel to protect overtime wage rights

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, employees must generally be paid an overtime rate for all hours over 40 in any given week. For most employees, this means a rate that is one and one-half times their regular hourly rate. The rules are slightly different for residential employees, sometimes called “live-in” workers, and federal law doesn’t require overtime pay for certain types of employees, who are classified as “exempt.”

These federal rules are, of course, applicable in the state of New York, though New York also requires that business covered by the Miscellaneous Wage Order pay most workers a minimum rate of $13.50, one and one-half times $9, for all overtime hours. States are free to provide stricter overtime pay protections than those required by federal law, so workers need to be aware of both federal and state protections. 

Dispute Resolution for Labor Unions

Resolving disputes in the most cost-efficient manner possible is a fundamental aspect of keeping labor unions strong.

At Pitta LLP, we have successfully represented union clients in thousands of grievance mediations and arbitrations, and our attorneys are well known for delivering positive results in these matters, including back pay for union members, punitive damages for employer misconduct and multi-million dollar arbitration awards.

Collective Bargaining and Litigation Services for Unions

The labor law attorneys of Pitta LLP are proud to represent unions in New York and New Jersey. Local and international unions in virtually every industry and profession rely on our firm for comprehensive labor and employment law services.

We have been fighting to protect the rights and benefits of union members for more than 40 years, and a major part of our practice is handling collective bargaining negotiations.

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