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Campaign Finance And The New York State Board Of Elections

Given the decades-long attack on collective bargaining agreements, unions in the state of New York seek to balance the political environment for organized labor by supporting candidates who are pro-labor. But just as is the case with New York City elections, unions must be careful that they maintain election compliance with races held outside of New York City, whether they are for statewide office or a local position in another town or city.

The law firm of Pitta LLP has provided positive results for clients in the areas of labor law, employment law, employee benefits and political campaign compliance for decades. Our attorneys have deep roots in labor and believe in labor. We are pleased to consult with you on a potential campaign contribution and help ensure you are staying within the bounds of the law.

Key Points For Contributing To New York Campaigns

All elections in New York are overseen by the New York State Board of Elections. Financial contributions made by unions or political action committees supported by unions are considered “independent expenditures,” because they have not been coordinated by or with the candidate’s campaign.

Unions and related organizations may make unlimited contributions during elections. However, there are many other rules that must be followed during election season to remain in compliance, including:

  • The financial contribution must be below the aggregate limit that a candidate can accept for the position they are running for.
  • If the contribution funds an advertisement or another form of mass communication, strict rules must be followed in terms of attribution and the precise language used.
  • Some organizations making independent expenditures must file detailed reports disclosing the amount and nature of their support in a timely manner.

A lawyer from our firm can guide you through the guidelines set forth by the State Board of Elections and advise you on the best ways to achieve your political advocacy goals.

Keep Your Advocacy Activities On The Right Side Of The Law

Pitta LLP helps its union clients in New York and New Jersey comply with all relevant campaign finance rules. Visit one of our three New York locations, email us using our online contact form, or call us at 212-652-3890 to set up an appointment.