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5 ways collective bargaining helps union workers

A significant portion of a union’s power comes through collective bargaining. Used effectively, collective bargaining should help employees earn higher wages, receive decent benefits, and improve workplace safety. Workers are not the only ones who can benefit from a...

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Supreme Court rules on ERISA heath care reform

The Employment Retirement Income Security Act sets minimum federal standards for voluntarily established pensions and other benefit plans for employees. It also contains broad federal powers that block or preempt state regulation of certain health insurance plans. In...

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Protections for labor unions in New York

Labor unions are typically governed by federal law, including the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which covers most unionized employees, the Railway Labor Act (RLA), which applies to the transportation industries (railroad, air, etc.), the Labor Management...

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What is labor law?

Labor law is important to understand but may be confusing to some. For that reason, workers should be familiar with common terms associated with labor law and understand what labor law is. Labor law basics Some important labor law terms to be familiar with include:...

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